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Sexual Compulsivity Self-Assessment

This is a confidential assessment. Only you see your results.

1. Are you sexually satisfied at home? yes no
2. Has anyone ever told you that they think you have a sexual behavior problem? yes no
3. Have you regretted your sexual choices on more than two occasions? yes no
4. Could your sexual activities be harmful to others? yes no
5. Have you had to hide, or cover up, your sexual behavior from a partner or loved one? yes no
6. Have you been aware that your sexual behavior is illegal but chose to do it anyway? yes no
7. Are you proud of the sexual choices you have made? yes no
8. Do you wish that life was different than it is? yes no
9. Has your taste in sexual material or sexual experiences become more extreme over time? yes no
10. Have others confronted you about making inappropriate sexual comments? yes no
11. Has the amount of time you spend looking for sexual material or sexual experiences taken time away from your work or family responsibilities? yes no
12. Have you engaged in risky sexual behavior, even though you thought that it was unwise to do so? yes no
13. Have you attempted to curb or reduce your sexual activities but failed? yes no
14. Do you frequently use sex as a tool to manage or escape negative feelings such as loneliness, depression, or anxiety? yes no
15. Have you experienced "brushes," or "close calls", with the law because of your sexual behavior? yes no
16. Would your work or family life be damaged if others learned about your sexual activities? yes no
17. Are you living a "double life" in order to maintain a façade of normality? yes no
18. Are you ashamed of your sexual activities? yes no
19. If your best friend, colleague, or romantic partner knew everything about your sexual activities, would they tell you to get help? yes no
20. Do you find yourself sexually preoccupied and unable to stop think about sex? yes no
21. Is your sex life taking you farther away from the people who care most about you? yes no
22. Are your sexual behaviors harming you? yes no

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