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SAA & SLAA Addicts Anonymous

SAA & SLAA Addicts Anonymous & Treatment

At the Blue Rock Institute, we realize that many individuals in the San Francisco Bay area, Oakland, and San Ramon have heard of or are even familiar with SAA (Sex Addicts Anonymous) and SLAA(Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous). Individuals who are addicted to sex or pornography often research programs that may be helpful in recovering from their addictive and potentially dangerous behavior, a positive first step. As a highly trusted and reputable addiction, recovery, and treatment facility, we want to enlighten those with sex addiction issues regarding these organizations.

Both SAA and SLAA are support group organizations that work similarily to that of Alcoholics Anonymous in that it works on principles of the 12 Steps. and These fellowship oriented programs provide educational literature, area meetings, events, and other resources for individuals who desire to overcome their addictive behaviors, which can destroy relationships and families, and even result in criminal charges if the sexual behavior deviates into criminal acts.

Sex Addicts Anonymous provides sections on its website regarding spirituality, sobriety, the twelve steps and traditions, and provides opportunities for those who want to connect with a sponsor, a former addict who has successfully overcome addictive sexual behavior, and remained abstinent from the behavior. Newcomers to SAA are highly encouraged to get a sponsor early on, and even change sponsors until a good "match" is made between the newcomer and the sponsor. Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous works in much the same manner, with newcomers obtaining a suitable sponsor who he or she can easily work with while applying the Twelve Step program to their lives.

SAA and SLAA advise those new to their programs to first find out if there is a meeting in their own local area. Meetings help those who are addicted build friendships with others who have similar sexual addiction issues, in order to discover new methods of overcoming addictive behaviors and maintaining their new life after recovery. There is no payment required for individuals to participate in Sex Addicts Anonymous, or Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous. Voluntary contributions are accepted by anyone who wishes to make a contribution. There are meetings for those in the San Francisco, Oakland, San Ramon, and Bay Area available, and online/telephone meetings available as well according to the SLAA website.

At the Blue Rock Institute is different in that we provide a more comprehensive, multi-faceted treatment approach toward recovery from sex addiction through skilled, knowledgeable, and trained therapists, doctors, nutritionists, and other professionals. Attending SAA and SLA meetings is a good adjunct to treatment. There is help available, and you CAN put behavioral issues behind you to lead a happy, productive, and fulfilled life.

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