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Comprehensive Psychological and Behavioral Assessment

At the outset of your journey to psychological and sexual health, Blue Rock staff will perform a confidential clinical assessment. This will include a clinical interview and psychological testing to identify the strengths that you possess that will help you on your path to wellness.

The assessment will also pinpoint problem areas that contribute to troublesome thoughts and behaviors.

At the conclusion of the assessment you will be provided with clear and obtainable goals.

Individual Therapy

Enduring change must occur within the mind of the individual before it can manifest in one's life. Individual therapy at Blue Rock strives toward developing insight, self-esteem, and prosocial living skills. Individual therapy is crucial to identifying needs and risk factors specific to you. Individual therapy provides a confidential venue to develop trust and skills that will assist you in overcoming the reticence that often impedes progress and commitment to change. Individual therapy also allows intensive coaching and support regarding your specific issues.

Group Therapy

Group therapy provides a safe environment in which people with similar goals can explore solutions collaboratively. Group therapy is extremely beneficial in overcoming the shame, embarrassment, and denial that often accompanies sexual problems. By sharing your successes and failures with others who struggle with similar issues, you can tap into a wide range of experiences that allows you to make more informed and healthier choices along your path. Research shows that group therapy is the treatment of choice for relationship problems and compulsive behaviors.

Psychiatric Medication Assessment and Management

Individual and group psychotherapy can be very effective, but persisting psychiatric symptoms or excessive sexual drive can interfere significantly with progress. These symptoms generally have an underlying biological basis, and are most appropriately targeted with biological approaches. Psychiatric medications are often helpful for our clients who are experiencing significant depression, anxiety, or severe sexual preoccupation which prevents effective application of our other treatments. In particular, there are a number of medications currently available which are extremely effective in reducing sexual drive with only minimal risk of significant side effects. Medical monitoring to assure the continued safety and efficacy of these medications is included for all clients who take them. These medications are safe, their effects are reversible, and the course of treatment is time limited, with the goal of improving the response to psychosocial treatments and the prognosis for a healthier lifestyle.

Couples and Family Therapy

Problematic sexual behaviors can begin when intimacy in your relationship decreases and other life events take priority. Blue Rock uses couples and family therapy to identify underlying problems and help restore intimacy and communication to fortify the changes made in individual and/or group therapy. Family systems theory suggests that when one person changes in the system, the other people in the system try to maintain status quo thereby interfering with enduring change. Bringing a partner or other family members into therapy will support positive change.

Nutritional Assessment

One of the core elements to feeling and performing healthily is physical wellbeing. Blue Rock in conjunction MV Nutrition offers a variety of programs using Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) to treat nutrition health-related issues, many of which affect psychological health. We provide our client with meal plans, exercise plans, and lifestyle changes using cognitive therapy and motivational interviewing. The programs consist of an initial nutritional assessment, anthropometric measurements, resting metabolic rate measurements, body fat percent measurements, nutrient analyses, educational materials, personalized meal plans, exercise plans, and continuous support through follow up visits. The program has been proven to promote positive changes in one's eating habits while achieving one's nutritional goals in a healthy and realistic manner.

Physical Fitness Assessment

Physical fitness is an important part of wellness and exercise has been proven to help decrease anxiety and depression as well as help manage addictive behaviors. Engaging in meaningful activities can also increase self-esteem by providing a feeling of accomplishment and can provide a social outlet. In your quest for healthy living, we will help you find alternative, pro-social activities that can replace your secret less healthy activities. Whether it is completing a race, joining an intermural sports team, or simply gardening, activity will not only benefit your health but will also benefit your mental health.

Educational Seminars

Blue Rock offers public and private education regarding sexual compulsivity and healthy sex. Educational seminars provide access to the current scientific literature. Please see our "News & Events" page for a calendar of seminars


Our goal is to examine the problem in a safe environment and an open-minded manner. Whether you are contacting us for yourself or someone else, an initial consultation interview will be scheduled to identify the problem (if there is one). Education will be provided about the facets of sexual compulsivity and strategies will be developed to guide you to a solution that is specific to your needs. Together with you, we will evaluate your life style in order to not only eliminate problematic behavior but also build a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. This may include a nutritional assessment, an assessment of your physical health. Again, our approach is to provide you with a comprehensive lifestyle solution to a complex problem.

Please, contact us for all details.


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