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Sexually compulsive acts are not isolated events

Sexually compulsive acts are not isolated events; they can lead to increasingly risky and even sexually abusive behaviors.

Do you sometimes say to yourself, "My behaviors are not that bad," or "I have my sexual behaviors under control," or "No one will find out"?

People who are sexually compulsive are driven to repeat their behavior and because of that, the misbehavior will worsen over time. Many of the men and women we have helped came to us because their attempts to stop failed, and those failures, sometimes, resulted in serious consequences.


People with potentially harmful sexual interests or those who use the internet excessively for sexual purposes, often find themselves lost in a world of endless sexual fantasy; they are stuck in a pattern of sexual misconduct and eventually illegal behaviors.

Their relationships suffer and their ability to control the behavior decreases. They do not stop on their own.

The prison system is rapidly filling with men and a growing number of women who failed to recognize that their sexual interests and behaviors were growing beyond their control and into harmful or illegal actions.

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