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We believe, and the research shows, that most people with sexual problems are individuals with healthy desires, but for a variety of reasons have sought to satisfy those desires in unhealthy ways.

Many people seek out sexual experiences (masturbation, prostitutes, pornography, etc.) in hopes of attaining those things that are vital to a happy life -- emotional satisfaction, self-esteem, confidence, love, and intimacy.

Instead, compulsive (repeated) exposure to sexual experiences or pornographic material can lead to a search for more extreme experiences or unusual (and perhaps illegal) experiences.

"Exposure to the light of day."

Blue Rock's goal is to support men and women who want to make the decision to live a healthy vibrant life and acknowledged that they need the help and tools to ensure they do not fall off their path. Our success has shown that when we do this work together, and not in isolation, we can help each client walk towards a path of vitality.

The path to wellness requires an exposure to a whole and unified life; one that is not dominated by a double life.

Most of the people we work with have lost sight of their own strengths and abilities to get their emotional and sexual needs met. Many of our clients told us that because of the intense shame and embarrassment that they felt about their sexual behavior, they could not imagine reaching out to anyone to seek help despite knowing that they had a problem. Others talked about how they hid their problem from themselves, pretending they could handle things – in part because they did not know how to find the help they needed.

Those who ultimately experienced life crises such as relationship problems, loss of a job, or arrest because of their sexual compulsivity later realized that their friends and extended family were still there to support them. Through strong mental health, physical wellbeing, and social support Blue Rock will guide each client into a healthy integrated life.


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