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Oakland Sexual Addiction Treatment

Oakland Pornography Addiction Treatment Facilities

At the Blue Rock Institute, we specialize in pornography and sexual addiction treatment and recovery for individuals in the Oakland area. We understand what you are going through, and how it affects every aspect of your life from personal relationships and career to how you feel about yourself. If you are in search of pornography and sexual addiction therapists who are compassionate, highly skilled, and dedicated to your full recovery, we urge you to contact us now. Putting your life back on a healthy, happy path and helping you stay there is our mission.

Oakland residents will find that our porn and sex recovery professionals provide the unique approach every individual needs in order to overcome his or her addiction. There are many pornography and sexual addiction programs to choose from, but it is vital to choose a facility staffed with trained therapists, psychologists, and doctors who specialize in the field of helping those who are addicted to pornography overcome their issues. Our pornography and sexual recovery program focuses not only on the physical and mental addiction issues, but nutrition, physical fitness, the entire person. It is important to achieve a healthier, more fulfilled and active lifestyle in order to overcome addiction issues.

For many individuals who seek sex and porn addiction treatment in the Oakland area, the situation is something that they keep hidden. You may feel as though you are leading a double life, and in fact, you are. Having others find out about your addiction could destroy lives, your career, and be embarrassing to say the least. As part of our porn and sex addiction treatment, we provide counseling for individuals, married couples and partners, families, and even group therapy. Educational seminars and assessment of psychiatric medication, physical fitness, and nutritional needs are also part of our pornography and sexual addiction recovery programs.

We take pride in the fact that we are one of the court approved sexual and pornography addiction facilities for those in Oakland with serious issues. Many individuals who are addicted to sex or porn end up committing crimes that can result in serious criminal penalties. If successful completion of a pornography or sexual addiction treatment program is required, we are here to help you make a full recovery and move toward a happier, more fulfilled life.

Our trained professionals never judge those who are addicted to sex or porn; we fully understand addiction issues, and the vital steps in sexual or pornography addiction recovery. Our therapists are open minded and caring, providing a safe environment and work to develop a solution that is unique to your individual needs. Perhaps you have considered a program such as S A A (Sex Addicts Anonymous), and fear that your confidence will be violated. While there are laws which require that certain activities (such as sexual abuse of a minor or elderly person) be reported, we work to keep your porn and sex addiction treatment private.

Don't live another day without the professional guidance and help you need. Contact the Blue Rock Institute today to begin your journey back to a healthy, normal life.

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