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When sex becomes an addiction - CNN

"Californication" star David Duchovny made headlines for voluntarily entering rehab last week. But it wasn't for drugs or alcohol. It was for another dependency, one that affects millions of Americans but is seldom discussed: sex addiction.

Sex Addiction: An Intimacy Disorder

What "Thanks for Sharing" says about sex addiction

Law Professor Creates Study Program To Battle Sex Addiction

Is your law professor is sex addict?

The sex addiction epidemic

Digital love, drugs and an online sexual revolution

The Real Don Jons: How online porn has affected a generation

In the R-rated comedy "Don Jon", Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a twentysomething New Jersey gym rat and self-styled ladies' man whose ability to maintain normal relationships...

>> Misunderstanding Sexual Addiction - Sex and Intimacy

In a nationally distributed, recently published study a group of researchers argued that what is often called "sexual addiction" or "sexual compulsivity" could be better understood as a pathological variation of "high sexual desire".

>> How to Think More About Sex - Psych Central

Titles like "How to Think More About Sex" have to be targets for wisecracks. Written by Alain de Botton, this, however, is intended to be a serious book about a very serious subject.


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